Product bundling is an important feature that allows you to group multiple products under a single product listing on your platform, which makes the shopping experience easier for your customers.

Instead of having your customers add multiple different products to their cart before checkout, allow them to purchase a single one. Bundles are proven to increase conversion rate and the average order value.

With Nimble, you can easily create a bundle consisting of different AliExpress products. You can pick as many items as you like from different suppliers to be included in your bundle. Once a customer orders your bundle, Nimble will automatically fulfill the selected items on AliExpress.

Here is how you can create product bundles & offer the best deals for your customers with Nimble:

Step 1: Create a new product in Shopify

Login to the Shopify dashboard and head to "Products", then click on the "Add product" button, present on the right side of your screen, as shown below:

You will now be presented with a new page where you can enter details like product title, description, variants, images, and so on.

Remember that the product will be representing your bundle in the future, so the common details like which products are included in the bundle should be clear to your customers.

If you want to offer multiple bundle options to buyers, create a product with variants.

Step 2: Create the bundle in Nimble

Login to your Nimble dashboard and navigate to "Extras" > "Bundles"

In the Bundles page, you will find a list of your existing bundles. Above the list, you will be able to create a new bundle by pressing the "Create new bundle" button.

Creating a product bundle is a simple 4-step process from here. Let's do it!

Step 3.1: Configuring your new bundle

In this step, give your product bundle a recognizable name so that you could understand its utility just be seeing at the name later on.

Next, set its status to Active. When you don’t need the bundle (temporarily) in the future, you can toggle this bar and set the status on inactive. However, for a bundle that won’t ever be used, you also have the chance to delete

Once details are filled, click on the "Done" option and move to the next step.

Step 3.2: Connect product listing

In this step, choose the representative product of your bundle, i.e. the one you created in the first step of this tutorial. To add it, start typing the name of the created product, and choose it from the dropdown menu. Once finished, press the "Done" button.

Step 3.3: Add items to bundle

Now, depending on how many variants you configured, you have to create a bundle for each of the variants. If it was a single-variant product, then this process will be done once.

You can add items to a variant in two ways. Existing products that are migrated to Nimble can be added by searching for them in the search bar.

Alternatively, you can add products directly via AliExpress by copying their URL from the product page and pasting it into the search bar.

After selecting a product, you will be able to choose one or multiple variants for your bundle. Simply click the variant you want Nimble to order and it will be displayed on the right side where you can see a list of all the selected items. Repeat this process as many times as you like.

Important: Each variant should have at least one item, otherwise you won’t be able to set your product bundle live.

Once you have set up all the variants and are happy with the bundle, press the "done" button.

Step 3.4: Review bundle and publish

If there are no issues with your bundle, press the "Set live" button to publish your bundle.

And you are finished!

Whenever a customer orders your bundle, Nimble will automatically fulfill your order by placing the items that you selected in step 3.3 on AliExpress.

In case you want to make any changes in your bundle, navigate to "Extras" > "Bundles". Locate your new bundle, and press the wrench icon to edit it, or the trash icon to delete it.

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