For orders to be marked as fulfilled, they need to be paid for via the Nimble interface.

Important: Make sure that you are logged in to your AliExpress account before following the steps below.

  1. Head to the "Orders" in the dashboard.

  2. Press the "Awaiting payment" tab.

3. Press the checkbox as displayed in the image to select all current unpaid orders.

4. Once the orders has been selected, press the "Bulk pay selected" button.

A new AliExpress window will open where you can pay for your orders.

5. Pay for your orders using your preferred payment method, and press the "Pay Now" button.

6. Once your orders have been paid, close the AliExpress window and return to Nimble. Press the "Fulfill order(s)" button to mark the orders as fulfilled.

Important: don't close this window until the process is done. The page will refresh automatically once it's done.

Once the page refreshes, your orders that you paid for have been marked as fulfilled, and your customers will be notified. Nimble will now track your orders automatically for you.

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