Once an order enters the Nimble fulfillment process, it will go through different stages that can be seen via the Dashboard.

  1. Being processed - orders that are being placed on AliExpress

  2. Awaiting payment - orders that needs to be paid.

  3. Completed - orders that have been successfully fulfilled.

Being processed

The moment you receive an order, it will be placed on AliExpress. On average, it takes 1 minute and 26.5 seconds for Nimble to place an order.
Once an order has been successfully placed, it will appear under the "Awaiting payment" section.

Awaiting payment

Once an order has been placed on AliExpress, it will be pending payment along all other orders that have been placed.
Orders that are pending payment can be paid in bulk, and fulfilled with a single click.

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Once an order has been paid and fulfilled, Nimble will start automatically tracking it until a tracking number is found. Once one is found, your customer will be notified.

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