In order for Nimble to start fulfilling your orders, the following criteria must be met:

  • You have linked an AliExpress account with Nimble

  • You have at least one product imported or migrated

  • You have an active free trial or a payment plan

Ordering process

Unlike other applications currently in the market, Nimble does not need human interaction during the order fulfillment process. Everything is done from our end, all you need to do is paying for the orders.

Nimble will wait for new orders to be placed on your Shopify store, and once they do, they will be automatically placed one by one on your AliExpress account.
Nimble will select the corresponding variants on AliExpress, input your customers user information, select the desired shipping method based on our different shipping algorithms and even solve the captcha codes automatically.

Once an order has been successfully placed on AliExpress, you can easily pay for them via the "Awaiting payments" section in bulk up to 75 orders at once.

Read more about order fulfillment: The different stages for order fulfillment

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